Where are your manners?

Last week when I picked S up from nursery, he ran back in to make sure he said bye to all his class mates and said bye and high-fived his teacher. “He’s such a well mannered child” she said. And like any mother would, I blushed with pride.

I remember reading an article a few weeks before that about a lady who said she would not prompt her child to say please or thank you. And while I can sort of understand where she was coming from (her argument was to allow your child to develop at their own pace), I do believe that in the same way we’d teach our children about the world (colours, new words, foods, etc), our children need to be taught manners.

Of course much of their learning comes from watching the people around them and so being mindful of ourselves and modelling good manners is the best way to teach our children. But a few prompts here and there help significantly.

Here are some fun ways to encourage your child to say thank you:

1. Add a high five! Children love the sense of touch rather than being put on the spot to say a few words. Adding a high five makes saying thank you a fun thing.

2. Get creative! A nice way to say thank you is to send a card or a picture/drawing/painting done by your child. If you explain to them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, they’ll associate saying thank you and being grateful with a fun activity.

3. Don’t forgot your thank you’s and follow it up with your reasons. So you could say: “Thank you for helping me open the door and letting your friend in”. “Thank you for helping me hang the washing up.” Children are more likely to say thank you if they understand why they are saying it.

And all the time remember, no pressure. Your child might not say it one day and the next day it’ll just click. Forcing the issue or shaming your child in front of other’s will only lead to them grudgingly saying thank you, which really will only make us feel good in front of the other person but make our child resentful.


The kindness of strangers

Is it just me or does the weather have a real impact on people in this city? For the last week, the sun has been shining down on us Londoners…hallelujah!! I’m almost afraid to talk about it for fear of jinxing it BUT one thing you must know about all Londoners is that they LOVE to talk about the weather.

“Oh it’s such a nice day, isn’t it?”
“Oohh it’s so cold out, I can’t wait to get home this evening”
“This rain is just awful, I can’t wait for the summer!”
“Apparently the weather is going to be nice this weekend, any plans?”
“We had such a mild winter this year, apparently we’re going to have a horrible summer.”

And many, many more. Shop assistants, tube station assistants, random people waiting outside the library, everyone talks about the weather here and since moving to London last year, I find myself doing the same.


Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is to say thank you to the lovely lady and her kind gesture yesterday. Let me set the scene. S and I were hanging out at this open play area place and the weather was so beautiful (the sun was shining down on us), lots of moms and their kids were hanging out and everyone was in a pretty happy mood. There was a little girl eating some dairy lea dunkers and she dropped all her bread sticks. As she started picking them up, S was observing her. I guess he hovered around her wandering what she was eating but then a few seconds later went back to playing. After a few minutes the mom came over to get her and also handed us a new dairy lea dunkers packet saying “Here you go, he can have this, I have lots with me.” To be perfectly honest, I was a little taken aback at first. S wasn’t really hungry, just curious but more than that, we haven’t had many moms walk across a play area to offer us a snack.

I’m sure she’s always as sweet but I’m definitely seeing a change in people in this weather. So Dear London, please try and stick with spring before everyone turns into grumpy sods again!

Attitude of Gratitude

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say THANK YOU! To all who read my blog, comment, message me privately and for all the people now taking part in the #100happydays project (it wasn’t my genius idea unfortunately but I’m a huge fan)…thank you!

I was looking through my stats this morning and see readers from Romania, Uganda and Tunisia. The world wide web never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know anyone in Uganda and yet mama duck had 17 views from there yesterday. It’s pretty amazing how small the online world is and how interconnected we all are.

I started my blog with the idea to share resources, opinions and make a difference to people. I hope that I’m managing to do that in some way.

Thanks again 🙂




Running for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

On Sunday, my friends Nandini, Bhavna and I ran (in beautiful Richmond Park) to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH). This London based hospital does some amazing work for children around the world. Many a child has been flown in from other parts of the country and world, to be healed by the surgeons and doctors at GOSH. As a mother now, I hope never to have to walk through the corridors of GOSH and I chose this charity as it’s a cause close to my heart.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to run. Crisp but with the sun shining down on us and what a sight Richmond Park is. I’d been there once before, about 8 years ago, and have very fond memories attached to my visit. It was a fun run and as Christmas is around the corner, we all ran in Santa Suits. We raised over £2,000 but our Just Giving page is still open for those who’d like to donate (just click on the link below).


After the run we headed down to another part of the park for lunch in a quaint little café hidden amongst the trees, with a magnificent view of the Thames.








The sun streaming through the clouds on the way home, the perfect end to a great day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to our cause and cheered us on…your support meant so much to us.

With love xx