Terrific Two’s

Ask any mother who has a 2+ year old and she’ll tell you how she’s pulling her hair out challenging it can be. Ofcourse, ofcourse we love our children and would do anything for them but the terrible, tantruming two’s as many refer to them can be tough!! But I much prefer to call them “terrific two’s” because quite honestly, S and kids his age amaze me…even when they go from giggling to tantruming in 15 seconds.


While I definitely have a few more grey hairs in the last few months and some days I wish I was lying on a beach in Bali, all it takes is one cute thing and my little ball of energy is far more fun than any beach holiday.

Here are a few of my favourite things (at the moment):

*warning – mushy post alert!!*

The way he yawns in his sleep.

When he says “betch you” (bless you) every time someone sneezes.

The way he insists on pointing out and naming all the modes of transport he knows while we’re in the car.

His hugs!! For absolutely no reason at all, he’ll fling his arms around me and give me the tightest hugs!

His cheeky grin as he looks at me when he wants to do something he knows he shouldn’t (it’s no wonder he gets away with so much!)

The way he entices even my 65 year old uncle into playing hide and seek with him.

The way he plays hide and seek (while hiding and all the while giggling):

My mom: Where is S?

S: Here!!

My mom: Is he here??

S: Nooooo

His amazing ability to make friends with children of all ages and engage them in playful activities.

The way he points and says “mama wowwwww!!” when he spots an aeroplane.

The conversations he has, with no one in particular, on the phone, in his own language.

When he’s tired and he says “mama pachi (pacifier), nini (sleep).”


What are some of your favourite toddler’isms?

For the love of cars!

We’ve had some very wet weather in the last week and so yesterday when I saw the sun peek through the clouds I thought here’s a chance for us to go to the playground. So off S and I went to our local park and as soon as we walked into the playground, I knew we’d have trouble. S spotted a shiny red car (he loves cars and thinks everyone else’s car is his!)

Tantrum causing car

He ran up to it and indicated that he’d like to ride in it. After deliberating for what seemed like forever, the lady who was holding on to it for her grandson let S have a go. Phew!! Tantrum averted (for the moment!)

After a while I could see that the lady wanted it back and while S was reluctant to get out, I could also see the slide was starting to look tempting to him. When he stepped out, I used the opportunity to lift him up, thank the lady and leg it towards his pram. I strapped him in and we started to leave the playground. And that’s when he realised and started screaming for the car. In a Houdini-like movement, he climbed out of his pram straps and lay on the floor crying. Oh how I love the tantruming terrific two’s!

Now while this is very common for children his age, what really put the icing on the cake this time was when a certain someone looking as cool as a cucumber walked by with his son Alfred and his dog Bert. You guessed it…David Walliams!! I am a huge Walliams fan and love his role in Britain’s got talent. Bert came up to us and I tried to use him as a distraction for S since he loves dogs…It turns out he loves cars more than dogs!!

This is the second time in as many weeks I’ve spotted David Walliams. Think I need to start taking S’s bike/car to the playground and doing something with my hair…