Happy New Year

I know I know, it’s already the 5th day of the New Year…but in my defence, it is really the first “proper” working day of 2015.

I took a bit of a blogging break at the end of December as S and I jetted off to Dubai to spend the holidays with my brother. We had no Wi fi there and so the only posts that went up were our weekly ones which I scheduled.

Dubai was amazing (I’ll do a separate post about that) but after 2 weeks away, I was glad to be home. S has come back more confident and his speech has dramatically improved. I truly believe that travelling does wonders for children. Back in May last year, just before we took our summer trip, I was actually concerned about his speech but after a long holiday and time spent with my extended family and my nieces, his speech came along amazingly. And now I felt the same after Dubai. Maybe it’s the eastern environment, as we walked around the mall below our hotel, he would stop to talk to everyone and they’d happily oblige and chat back to him. His vocabulary has improved vastly and he can speak using 8-9 word sentences!

As the New Year approached, I was thinking about my goals for 2015. 2014, while fun and full of memories I cherish, was also a difficult year with many challenges. While I’m glad to see the back of it, I’m also grateful for the experience to learn and grow and to put old matters to rest.

I was reading a post over on Amie’s blog about choosing a word for the year ahead rather than making a list of resolutions. She’d read it on Dorkymums blog who’d got it from Susannah Conway.
Don’t you just love the way the blogosphere works!!

When I first read it, lot’s of different words flew at me. But I’ve signed up to Susannah’s 5 day email class to really find my word. Something that will fit my year ahead. A word that will inspire me and motivate me and carry me through the year.

I’ll share it with you all this weekend.

Happy 2015 šŸ™‚