It’s just a phase

There’s one phrase that I hear lot’s of moms use…whether talking about a child who doesn’t sleep, a child who won’t eat, a child who throws tantrums…you name the issue and you’re most likely to get a “Don’t worry, it’s just a phase”. And to be perfectly honest, it’s so true.

When I think back over the last couple of years, there were several things S did and I’d think “I hope this doesn’t last” and it didn’t…a few weeks tops and he was on to something else.

He went through a phase of wanting to eat his meals in the car…I kid you not, we were eating in the car at least once a day.

He went through a phase of having to “drive” the car every time we came home, before he’d come inside. Even if we were in a rush, even if it was cold!

He went through a phase of needing to turn the microwave off when it started beeping. He could be engrossed in an episode of Peppa Pig or busy playing with his train set but if he heard the beepbeep beepbeep, he would drop whatever he was doing and run into the kitchen saying “I want to press it, I want to press it.”

He went through a phase of “bubbling his milk” (he drinks his milk with a straw). My patience wore thin with this one. When I got rid of his bottles, I went through a couple of weeks of having to pretend one sip was for me and one sip was for him. Or one sip for dinosaur and one sip for S.

Whether it was throwing his food off his high chair, emptying cupboards or fussing over bath time, it was all just a phase while he learnt, grew and developed emotionally and physiologically.

When friends with kids tell me they’re exhausted or their child is doing xyz…I just say “This too shall pass” because in reality, they’re all just phases and they grow out of them so quickly.

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