Peppa Pig – are we taking it too seriously?!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you would have heard of one of the most popular pre-schoolers TV shows at the moment…Peppa Pig. It’s about a family of 4 pigs…Peppa Pig, her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. It’s become so popular here in the UK, not only do you find Peppa Pig themed toys in every supermarket and toy store but there’s actually a Peppa Pig World down in the South of England.


I have never encouraged S to watch any television or shows so until he was a little over two, he escaped the obsession that all the kids around him seemed to have with Peppa Pig. But when we were going on holiday earlier this summer, I downloaded 12 episodes as a back up for when he might need some entertainment. Let’s just say he’s now a fan!

Throughout our holiday he’d watch it for 20 minutes here and there and while listening in the background, I was surprised to find the image that was being portrayed by Daddy Pig. Call me stereotypical but when I think of Daddy Pig, I think of him being able to BBQ, set up a tent, read directions and hang a picture on the wall. All of which Peppa’s daddy isn’t able to do (or makes a mess of). And in walks mummy pig and gets it right so easily.

I honestly wondered if the show was being written by disgruntled single mother’s. And so I did some digging and it turns out the show is actually written by men (some of them dads). Am I taking Peppa Pig too seriously? I mean we all grew up watching Tom and Jerry but I certainly don’t believe that if I hit someone with a hammer across their head they’ll be alright.

And ironically, most of the angry mail directed at the writers of Peppa Pig is coming from women and not men. So are women not able to see the humour or are men just a lot more laid back about how they are portrayed on screen? Or, do men actually believe that Daddy Pig is a true representation of them?

I’m not sure what the answers are but one thing I do admire is the time Daddy Pig gives to his kids and even though he is “silly daddy” and “naughty daddy” and “messy daddy” according to his kids, he loves them very much.

If Peppa and George are able to laugh at Daddy Pig’s antics, shouldn’t we be able to as well? Let me know what you think.

Our Peppa Pig World Adventure

Last Wednesday I took S to Peppa Pig World with my 2 cousins and their kids. To be honest he’s a little young for it and he doesn’t know who Peppa Pig is but I figured it’d be a nice day out for him and he’d enjoy being with the other kids.

PPW is located within Paulton’s Park in Southampton (about 100-120 minutes from London). We aimed to leave around 8:45am but after stopping off for coffee then turning around because 2 of us forgot our prams (I know, I know I can hear you ask how did we forget one of the most essential things?!) we finally left the NW3/NW8 area at around 9:30am. It was a nice drive out of London and all the way down the M3. We were at PPW at about midday (after my 2 cousins dropped their stuff off at their hotel).

As soon as we walked in, it started raining šŸ˜¦ Luckily we were all equipped with raincoats, umbrellas and rain covers (you can never trust the British weather!) and thankfully it stopped 15 minutes later and stayed dry for the rest of the day.

I quite liked PPW and S enjoyed himself as well. The only issue we had was the long queues for the rides but seeing as kids are still on summer holidays we couldn’t really ask for better. The kids played in the playground, went on the train ride, tea cup ride, hot air balloon ride, indoor play area and the older children went on the roller coaster and spinning boat ride. I used to love rollercoasters (Thorpe Park and Alton Towers) but this time the tea cup ride left me spinning. Think it’s a sign I’m getting old!! haha

We left at about 4:30pm and headed back to the hotel where all the kids went swimming. We had an early dinner and S and I headed back to London leaving my cousins and the kids with another day at PPW.

I’d suggest taking your own lunch as the selection of food there was very limited. They had two carts that sold mini pizzas, pastries and hotdogs and a small selection of sandwiches inside. Perhaps there are more eateries in Paulton’s Park but in PPW that is all they had.

In my opinion PPW is great for kids 2+ years but I’m still glad we went. It was a fun day out and I’ll be sure to take him again next year. Maybe by then he’ll know who Peppa Pig is šŸ™‚

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