Labor Day: A review

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of Mumsnet Bloggers to watch the preview of Labor Day yesterday, before it’s release today.

Labor Day featuring Kate Winslet (Adele) and Josh Brolin (Frank), directed by Jason Reitman is a poignant tale of a depressed single mother who’s isolated herself from the world after experiences in her life left her a nervous (and quivering) wreck. The story is told through the eyes of her 13 year old son Henry (played by Gattlin Griffith, voiceover by Tobey Maguire).



Adele and Henry are confronted by Frank in the grocery store and forced to take him back to their place. Frank is a convicted murderer serving 18 to life when he escaped from the prison hospital. The movie carries on to show Adele coming out of her shell and falling in love with the man who she is technically holding fugitive. He takes on the father figure role in the house by teaching Henry how to throw a ball, change a tyre and doing all the odd jobs that need done. We then see his softer side as he, very seductively, teaches them how to made a peach pie.

Throughout the movie there are flashbacks showing a younger Frank portraying him to be the soft and gentle man that we start getting to know. A series of regretful events are what put him in jail.

I absolutely love Kate Winslet and think she did a superb job of portraying a fallen, sad, agoraphobic mother and Josh Brolin added some muscle to the movie. Gattlin Griffith was an odd child (I guess he can’t be blamed given the circumstances he was growing up in).

What I liked about the movie was it’s portrayal of love and dedication. Frank, although initially intimidating, has a soft and gentle side I came to admire. I liked the music, the cinematography and the use of sunlight to depict a sleepy town on a hot Labor Day Weekend.

What I didn’t like about the movie was Adele’s total and utter desperation (she falls for a convict who gives her a little attention and a few suggestive lines, in two days), the way the son is sometimes referred to as Henry and other times as Hank and the son’s untoward actions at the climax of the movie.

I’d give Labor Day 3 out of 5 stars. 





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Baby Brain

So often you’ll hear a pregnant mama mention “baby brain” or even those with young kids. It’s the forgetfulness that often comes with being pregnant, down to the different hormones and changes your body is undergoing. It is thought that in the third trimester, your brain cell volume decreases the most, thus leaving you with a tendency to forget appointments or where you left things or even what you walked into the kitchen for.

Earlier today, I took S to the doctors which is round the corner from where we live. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long and it was more of a reassurance visit. As I left there, I took S’s hand in one hand and pushed his pushchair along with the other. It was such a lovely day here in London and we walked home, stopping to look at the buses go by. We got home at about 3:25.

Two hours later at 5:25, I was rushing around gathering my stuff to leave and meet my friend to head to the Paramount Studios in Chiswick for the preview of Labor Day (review coming tomorrow!). I usually leave my handbag on the kitchen counter but it was no where to be seen. I asked everyone in the house if they’d seen it. I looked in my room, in the study, the whole of the ground floor but nada. And then it hit me!!! The doctors office. So I called up the surgery and yes, as it turns out, I’d left it in the Doctor’s office (All the receptionists had a good laugh at my expense!!) My first thought….thank god I left it in the Doctor’s office and nowhere else. I was so busy concentrating on getting S and the pushchair out the door that I didn’t realise I left my handbag on the floor.


In my defence, it’s so close to home, we often wander around our area and I never need to take a bag. So in reference to my opening paragraph…S turned 2 last week…can I still use the “baby brain” excuse?? 😉