It’s all about perception

I love going to my cousins house…to see her of course, but also for her mirrors. I know, call me vain! But her building and her home have some fantastic mirrors that have the power to make you feel really good about yourself. I remember eyeing my blooming belly in my 3rd trimester (I stayed with her for 6 weeks) in the mirror by her front door. And now every time I walk in, I give myself a once over and smile.

Before you judge how vain I can be, let me finish. I also love these mirrors because it is a constant reminder of perception. I’m looking at the same person in my room and in her home and yet this person looks different. Her mirror makes me *feel* better about myself…and yet I’m the same. So imagine if we can train our minds to see ourselves and situations differently. Wouldn’t that change our perception of things?

I guess you could call it optimism, seeing the glass as half full and all that. But I see it as more than that. I think perception is not just how you see something but how you accept it. We all go through our lives facing challenges. Even the rich and famous have their set of issues. But if we were to face our issues head on and accept them (rather than play the victim), perhaps how things appear would change as well.

Food for thought huh?! Happy Monday šŸ™‚