Running for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

On Sunday, my friends Nandini, Bhavna and I ran (in beautiful Richmond Park) to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH). This London based hospital does some amazing work for children around the world. Many a child has been flown in from other parts of the country and world, to be healed by the surgeons and doctors at GOSH. As a mother now, I hope never to have to walk through the corridors of GOSH and I chose this charity as it’s a cause close to my heart.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to run. Crisp but with the sun shining down on us and what a sight Richmond Park is. I’d been there once before, about 8 years ago, and have very fond memories attached to my visit. It was a fun run and as Christmas is around the corner, we all ran in Santa Suits. We raised over £2,000 but our Just Giving page is still open for those who’d like to donate (just click on the link below).

After the run we headed down to another part of the park for lunch in a quaint little café hidden amongst the trees, with a magnificent view of the Thames.








The sun streaming through the clouds on the way home, the perfect end to a great day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to our cause and cheered us on…your support meant so much to us.

With love xx

Inspiring Mama Series

I’m constantly coming across amazing moms who inspire me and who are making a difference to their lives and the lives of people around them. Coming up, you’ll find talks and interviews with moms from all walks of life, doing different things, parenting in different ways and paving the way for mothers around them.

Putting your “rubbish” to good use

An online friend shared this flyer (below) with a group I’m on a few days ago. Seeing as these days the world is such a small place and people from Timbuktu seem to know people in Argentina and people in Argentina seem to have friends in Russia, I thought I’d share this. I’m hoping through the world wide web and Facebook, we can help spread the word for this amazing cause.

The cause I’m talking about? Ellie’s fund – Brain Tumour Trust! It’s a charity raising money for children with brain tumours and all proceeds go to brain tumour research. You can find more information on what they do here. You can also Give as you live by shopping online with thousands of brands and a percentage of what you spend goes to Ellie’s fund – Brain Tumour Trust.

So how can you help? Well, as mothers, we almost all use wet wipes. When the packet is empty, it goes in the rubbish bin. Now here is how you can use your rubbish to make a difference. Collect empty baby wet wipe packets and send them off to Ellie’s fund – Brain Tumour Trust. Easy, right? For every packet they collect, they receive 2p. Now that might not seem like a lot of money but imagine if every single mother in the UK sent their empty wet wipe packets off. That would be A LOT of 2p’s!!


So make a difference, start collecting today and help change the lives of people around the world.

For more information on their events, click here. And please LIKE their facebook page: