Mae Deli by #EllaWoodward 

It seems that every where you turn these days, there stands Ella Woodward. I’ve read 4 different interviews in 4 different publications in as many weeks. She’s certainly taking over the the cooking world by storm. I also follow her on Instagram where I heard about Mae Deli, her new establishment in Seymour Place, London.

*Please excuse the photo bomber!

My friend Nida is a fan of her smoothies so we thought we’d go check out the deli. It’s a great location, just behind Oxford Street/Marble Arch. We got there around 10:15 and it was busy the whole time we were there.

Nida ordered the Rocky Road bar, porridge and gluten free bread with almond nut butter. I too decided on the gluten free bread with almond butter and got a couple of the Orange sesame truffles to go. Unfortunately they were out of power balls and it was only 10:30am.

We got the porridge while still at the till and they said the toast would be brought to us but 10 minutes later we couldn’t even see it being made. A few minutes later one of the stuff came to check on what we ordered and said the toast was on its way.

I was slightly disappointed to realise it was on Rye bread. I was expecting it to be on normal looking bread but without the gluten. I also made the error of thinking Rye was gluten free and so I didn’t bother to take it back to the till. The combination of Rye and Almond Butter was very heavy and quite dry. It kept sticking to the roof of my mouth and I don’t think the Rye was toasted.

The Rocky Road was quite tasty, as were the Orange sesame truffles I bought. Sweetened with dates and no refined sugar, it felt good eating a “real” treat.

I like the philosophy behind the deli even though I couldn’t possibly live up to them all!

There was also a fridge full of fresh juices.

We sat upstairs on the bar stools but there’s a quaint dimly lit cafe style area downstairs. 

I’d be intrigued to visit again for lunch but in terms of the breakfast, I can’t say it won me over! While I think it’s amazing what Ella has achieved at her age, I think there needs to be more focus at the deli. There were so many staff standing around but yet we got the wrong order and after quite a wait.

I would definitely pop in to get some of the Orange sesame truffles or The  Rocky Road again. Hopefully next time they’ll have the power balls.

Have you been to Mae Deli? What did you think? 

Healthy eating habits

One of the things I’ve really battled with this summer is many people thinking it is okay for S to eat ice cream and lollipops all the time. Before I get virtual dirty looks, let me just say the odd ice cream/lollipop is fine but it’s the habit that worries me.

We spent 6 weeks travelling earlier this summer and on more than one occasion, S was offered ice cream, cheese balls, lollipops and other very sweet food stuff even when I expressed my reluctance. I now have an almost 2 1/2 year old who routinely opens the freezer saying “mama, ice cream.”

“He’s on holiday…”

“It’s the summer and it’s so hot…”

“One won’t hurt…”

These are the lines I’ve heard all summer and every time I’ve tried to explain my reasons for not indulging S, it has fallen on deaf ears. And then I saw this video.

It describes exactly how I feel. Of course, parents are not the only factor to blame for unhealthy eating habits but I do believe that eating habits start during childhood. That’s not to say that they don’t change over the course of a child’s life but we have our whole lives to eat what we like, why start at 2 1/2 has always been my argument.

I’m quite lucky S actually loves fruit and so I’d much rather he get his sugars from there.

Have you seen the video? What are your thoughts?