Gulliver’s Land – Milton Keynes

Earlier this year while my mom was browsing online, she found a deal for a family pass to Gulliver’s Land. It didn’t expire until the 31st of October and so we figured we had the whole summer to go.

But then life gets busy and each weekend it’s one thing after another and before we knew it, it was the end of October and we hadn’t been yet!! Luckily Gulliver’s Land’s Halloween coincided with S’s half term and so we planned to go on the 31st of October (talk about leaving things till the last minute!!)

But oh how it was worth it. The sun god’s decided that they weren’t ready to leave us yet and although we were practically in November, the sun shone!! It was a beautiful 21 degrees, perfect weather for a whole day out doors.


The whole park was decorated spookily and all the staff got in on it too. A few years ago I spent Halloween night at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Their spook factor was high up on the scales of all things eerie. But considering Gulliver’s Land is a children’s theme park, they got it quite right.




What I loved about Gulliver’s was the fact that it was fully equipped for toddlers. The rides were short so queues were manageable. They were thrilling but not over the top. Some rides had 2 queues – 1 for a slower version of the ride and 1 for a faster version. They had lots of rides the children could “control” like trains and cars. I’d recommend waiting until your child is 90cm as that is the minimum height for most rides.

S went on his first roller coaster which he loved, the magic carpet ride, a hot air balloon ride, the tea cup ride, the log ride and the runaway train to name a few. I put my foot down when he said he wanted to go on the Viking ship…even I’m scared of that!!


They had a couple of outdoor play areas, a couple of cafes and some good ol’ bumper cars.

I reckon we’ll get one or two more summers in before he thinks he’s far too grown up and wants to go to Thorpe Park instead!! Maybe we’ll try the splash zone next time since I he loves water parks!! 😉


**warning** While this ride looks fun – a leisurely peddle, taking in the views as you ride 20ft above the ground…let me tell you…if you’re riding with a toddler who isn’t going to help, this ride will feel like you’ve spent 45 minutes at the gym!! On the other hand, if you’re looking to tone your glutes, go for it!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Our Peppa Pig World Adventure

Last Wednesday I took S to Peppa Pig World with my 2 cousins and their kids. To be honest he’s a little young for it and he doesn’t know who Peppa Pig is but I figured it’d be a nice day out for him and he’d enjoy being with the other kids.

PPW is located within Paulton’s Park in Southampton (about 100-120 minutes from London). We aimed to leave around 8:45am but after stopping off for coffee then turning around because 2 of us forgot our prams (I know, I know I can hear you ask how did we forget one of the most essential things?!) we finally left the NW3/NW8 area at around 9:30am. It was a nice drive out of London and all the way down the M3. We were at PPW at about midday (after my 2 cousins dropped their stuff off at their hotel).

As soon as we walked in, it started raining 😦 Luckily we were all equipped with raincoats, umbrellas and rain covers (you can never trust the British weather!) and thankfully it stopped 15 minutes later and stayed dry for the rest of the day.

I quite liked PPW and S enjoyed himself as well. The only issue we had was the long queues for the rides but seeing as kids are still on summer holidays we couldn’t really ask for better. The kids played in the playground, went on the train ride, tea cup ride, hot air balloon ride, indoor play area and the older children went on the roller coaster and spinning boat ride. I used to love rollercoasters (Thorpe Park and Alton Towers) but this time the tea cup ride left me spinning. Think it’s a sign I’m getting old!! haha

We left at about 4:30pm and headed back to the hotel where all the kids went swimming. We had an early dinner and S and I headed back to London leaving my cousins and the kids with another day at PPW.

I’d suggest taking your own lunch as the selection of food there was very limited. They had two carts that sold mini pizzas, pastries and hotdogs and a small selection of sandwiches inside. Perhaps there are more eateries in Paulton’s Park but in PPW that is all they had.

In my opinion PPW is great for kids 2+ years but I’m still glad we went. It was a fun day out and I’ll be sure to take him again next year. Maybe by then he’ll know who Peppa Pig is 🙂

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