Mama, I put a carrot up my nose!

Children children they keep us on our toes,
Why just today my son had a carrot up his nose.

In honour of World book day, I thought I’d have an attempt at channelling Dr. Seuss. How did I do?!

I was called in early to nursery today because S decided to put a piece of carrot up his nose. He was totally fine and when I got to nursery very proudly announced “Mama, I put a carrot up my nose!” How can you not smile?

I brought him home and after many attempts at massaging his nose, using one of those bogey sucker things and asking him to sneeze, I resorted to using a straw to suck it out. Not my finest moment!

Eventually it came out and he now proclaims “Carrots don’t go in your nose, they go in your mouth.” Well, I’m glad we got that clarified!!