Doctor Plus


Doctor Plus: Expertly formulated growth supplement for kids (10+) & teens. Contains calcium, collagen, magnesium, phosphorus for bone growth, density & immunity. Enriched with vitamin D3, K2 for calcium absorption, DHA & 5-HTP for brain health.*


Doctor Plus Height Pills are formulated to support healthy growth and development in children and teens. These pills contain calcium, collagen hydrolysate, Eucommia Ulmoides bark, vitamin K2 (MK7), vitamin D3, minerals, and essential nutrients that promote bone strength, height growth, immunity, brain development, and overall wellness. The calcium and vitamin D3 aid in calcium absorption and bone density, while collagen hydrolysate helps build strong, flexible bones. The herbal ingredients work synergistically to boost growth and bodily resistance. Made in the USA under cGMP certification, Doctor Plus is a natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free supplement you can trust for your child’s growth needs.

Innovative Growth Support Formula:

  • Natural, quality ingredients: calcium, vitamins, minerals for bone growth & brain health
  • Vitamin K2 aids calcium utilization, D3 increases absorption for bone building & lengthening

Bone-Nourishing Nutrients:

  • Calcium, collagen, eucommia bark extract, vitamins K2 & D3 boost growth
  • Strengthens immunity & resistance to stimulate natural bone growth
  • Helps children/teens reach growth goals & enhances overall health

Calcium & Bone Growth:

  • Triggers bone growth in thickness & length
  • With D3 & K2, calcium is better absorbed for bone lengthening/strengthening
  • Meets daily calcium needs for healthy bone development

Collagen Benefits:

  • Protects skeletal system, aids cartilage/joint health, lengthens bones
  • Combined with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus for accelerated bone growth

Quality Standards:

  • Made in FDA-registered, GMP-certified US facility
  • Natural, non-GMO, gluten-free

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